The origins of our winery date back to the year 1896, when Gabriele Dionigi decided to move with all his family from the countryside of Assisi to Bevagna and settle near the small church of Madonna della Pia.

We are located in an area historically suited to wine production so much so that today it is included in the Montefalco DOC and DOCG denomination.

Same family since the beginning, winemakers for 4 generations, the company has seen over time a constant evolution with currently 30 acres, or 12 hectares, of vineyards (and a production of about 50,000 bottles per year). Two hectares or five acres of olive grove with 650 plants and a yearly production of a thousand liters of organic extra virgin olive oil.

Not only history and tradition, but also innovation. The cultivation of the land takes place following the rules of organic farming and we also cover part of our energy needs using clean energy.

We are very careful to safeguard the territory, as we believe that it is only through its care that  is possible to obtain wines of great expression.